My brother was married in Santa Barbara earlier this year and the event provided lots of opportunity to help create some fun party favors.  I’ll share my favorites over the next few posts.

Celebrating the Bride

I made these cute ‘Bride’ gift boxes for my sister-in-law’s pre-wedding brunch. I love these because they are classic and simple…and filled with candy!

Supplies: Heavy cardstock, Liquid Pearls (white opal), ribbon, small scrap of tulle and some sweets of choice for the inside

The gift boxes doubled as place-cards and nicely added to the decorations on the tables.

Each box is die cut – I’m fortunate that one of my local art stores, The A Muse Shop, offers customers the use of their giant die cut machine when you purchase your paper in the store. If you are unable to find a die cut machine, there are quite a few templates online especially on Pintrest or check out this dress template on Mel Stampz blog.

Once I had the boxes cut out I added the detail to customize them prior to folding. I used the white opal Liquid Pearls to dot around the ‘neck’ like a necklace and once the boxes were stuffed with treats added the ribbon around the ‘waist’.

Since we were using them as place-cards I also added each name prior to folding them.

For the bride, I added a ‘veil’. Using an x-acto knife, I sliced a small slit in the top and gathered up a swatch of tulle. I insert the tulle through the slit and added a small amount of glue to keep it secure. Once I folded the box the veil appeared. So cute!

I enjoy making these special touches for events! Do you?

Next update: creative use of water bottles at the reception.

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3 Responses to Classic Wedding Favors

  1. Kari says:

    ooh i just love these! classic and adorable. brilliant idea to add the liquid pearls and tulle.

  2. camille Helenek says:

    Hi what are the prices on the above bride boxes thank you

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