Peeps. So perfect. So charming. Just makes you feel like Easter is really here. I prefer the bunnies over the chicks and definitley the yellow bunnies, altho I wouldn’t turn down the pink ones. The blue ones just make me nervous.

Actually I’ve come to the conclusion Peeps are part food and part craft item! Here are some of the best ‘projects’ I’ve seen this season.

From the blog – how sweet it is – chocolate peanut butter peeps skillet s’mores

For some reason the line from Princess Bride where Wesley and Buttercup are in the fire-swamp and Buttercup is startled by the fire shooting from the ground, Wesley says, in that charming British accent, ‘singed a bit were we?’


And from the blog – Gimme some Oven – Peeps Pops


Yep – I can see a little snack there.


Lastly from the 2012 Washington Post Peeps contest – one of my favorites!

Good NIght Moon Peeps

I hope you have a lovely day and enjoy a PEEP!











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  1. Autumn Cronin says:

    I love Peep season! Thanks for sharing these yummy and crafty creations!

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