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I remember taking trips when I was much younger and making sure I sent postcards to family and a few friends. I don’t think I was really gone long enough for them to reach home before I did or maybe it was a day or 2 before I returned, but the thought was there and it was fun to pick out the right image for each person.

These days we have cell phones that sometimes operate more as cameras than phones & apps that send images of where we are to our ‘followers’ complete with a comment, even a ‘wish you were here’.

Map Postcards

Before GPS in our phones there were Thomas Guides – a book of maps for every city. I recently came across an older Northwest Guide that I’m sure I saved for a very good reason (no comments from my family…). It made me think of creating my own postcards to either send while traveling or convert to gift cards for someone out of town.

stamped postcards

Do you even know how much it cost to send a postcard? That might be something I should look up.

You can enjoy the ‘how-to’ on the IMAGINE Crafts blog.


Enjoy your summer travels!







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  1. Autumn Cronin says:

    Great idea! Super cute!

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